Adult Film Star Reveals His Secret To Lasting all Night...

The Incredible Story Of How I Conquered My P.E!

Dear Friend,

Do you wish you had the control to last longer in bed?

Have you ever wondered how the guys in adult films have such amazing stamina?

How they can go for 30, 45 – sometimes even 60 minutes or more – with some of the hottest girls on the planet?

If so, I’d like to let you in on their secret...

I know first hand, because I’ve had a long, successful career in that business.

But before I reveal to you my stamina secret, it’s important you understand 3 big facts about women you may not be aware of.

Pay close attention – because these 3 facts almost always make the difference between a woman thinking you’re a stud or a dud in the bedroom...

John Lawrence
By John Lawrence Professional Adult Star and Creator of MEGA Endurance


Women Don’t Just WANT To Be Satisfied... They NEED It

When a woman has sex, special chemicals called endorphins are released in her brain.

These chemicals subconsciously indicate whether or not her partner is a good mate.

The more endorphins that are released, the more she becomes subliminally attracted to you.

And if she climaxes, her brain is literally flooded with these chemicals.

This is when she becomes sexually addicted to you, as her brain and body want to repeat that pleasurable experience over and over again.

So in order to determine if a man is a suitable mate, a woman NEEDS these endorphins to be released in her brain.


If You CAN’T Stimulate These Endorphins In Her Brain, She Can Never REALLY Be Attracted To You

Because of this biological need a woman has to experience this endorphin rush...if a man can’t make it happen, she will see him as an unsuitable mate.

(This is especially true if her previous partner could provide her this experience with regularity.)

So if you can’t last long enough to give her what she needs, the endorphins won’t be released, she’ll deem you unfit to be her partner...

And keep looking for someone else.

The unfortunate reality is that this will happen no matter how perfect for her you are in every other way.

Even if you have an amazing connection and both love spending time together, if she isn’t being satisfied in bed, her brain will subconsciously tell her to move on.

She may not even realize this is happening. But this is actually the root cause of a lot of relationship problems.

I learned this fact the hard way when I was younger, and the girl I was in love with cheated on me and left me for another guy.


Giving A Woman What She Needs Is Actually EASY!

Most guys who have problems in the bedroom mistakenly think they have a long road ahead of them.

They think it will take tons of practice, that they need to learn some fancy techniques, or that they need to be bigger “where it counts.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Pleasing a woman has NOTHING to do with size. And there’s absolutely no need to learn complicated techniques.

The most important factor is lasting long enough so she can climax, and experience that endorphin rush.

Women are biologically different than us. I’m sure you know women enjoy a lot of foreplay. This is true. Because everything takes longer for a woman.

They take longer to get warmed up for sex...and they take longer to finish.

To put it another way: It doesn’t take “tricks” to give a woman what she needs...but it does take time.

But once you go the distance, it’s practically guaranteed to happen!

Now, if you’re anything like I used to be, lasting 20 minutes in bed might seem like an eternity...

I mean, I was lucky if I lasted 2 minutes!

But today, I can last as long as I want. And I’m going to tell you how you can too...

For The First 10 Years Of My Sex Life I Suffered From Crippling Premature Ejaculation

Yes, you read that right. I, John Lawrence, used to suffer from “PE.”

My life today is wonderful. In fact, I couldn’t ask for a better one.

But it didn’t start out that way.

I grew up in a rough part of Baltimore. I was a shy, skinny kid who had trouble making friends.

The other boys knew an easy target when they saw one. They were always picking on me, and I was on the losing end of more than a few scrapes.

As a result, I developed a low self-esteem. I was a late-bloomer.

So when I finally started fooling around with girls at about 17, it didn’t surprise me that I was having “control” problems.

I remember the first time I hooked up with a girl. We didn’t have sex, or even come close.

In fact, all we did was make out...but that was enough for me to “blow it.”

She got totally weirded out, and she never even spoke to me again.

As I got older, I was able to last a little longer. But like clockwork, every time I was intimate with a woman, my mind would start racing with anxiety...

And I’d lose control within seconds.

If I wasn’t that into the girl, I could stave it off for maybe a minute or two...

But if she was hot, or I really liked her...forget about it. I’d start worrying about it before we even got to the bedroom.

It was terrible. I couldn’t satisfy any of those girls, and none of them stuck around very long.

I assumed being a dud in the bedroom was just my lot in life. And worst of all...I figured there was nothing I could do about it.

What baffled me at the time was that I had no problem lasting just fine when I was by myself...but if I was actually with a girl, I would completely lose it.

(I’ll explain exactly why that is in a moment!)

My PE problem made me so nervous, often times when I was hooking up with a girl I’d make up some lame excuse to actually avoid sex, to save myself the embarrassment!

How pathetic is that?!?

Frustrated and confused, I vented my emotions by taking up boxing.

I started sparring in my teens and actually got pretty good – to the point where I was consistently beating ranked opponents.

Before long, that weak little boy was gone, and word spread that I wasn’t a guy to be messed with.

But what people didn’t know was, I still had a BIG secret I was hiding...and it haunted me day and night.

What Started As A Small Problem Eventually Got WORSE

While I now felt like a badass in the the bedroom, it was the same old story.

I decided to get really good at other techniques, hoping foreplay would be enough. I read everything I could get my hands on about tongue twirls, the G-spot, you name it.

But girls always wanted more, and dumped me when I couldn’t deliver...or worse, they just started sleeping with someone who could.

This was the saddest period of my life. I figured I was just going to have to live without great sex, and get used to being alone.

I didn’t think I had any other choice.

How I “Accidentally” Discovered The Secret To Lasting As Long As I Want...

Resigned to being a two-pump chump forever, I was about ready to give up on sex altogether.

But as low as my confidence was, I continued with my boxing career. I started traveling around the world, winning most of my fights.

It was while I was in China, for the biggest fight of my career, when I finally started winning the fight of my life.

That’s where I discovered the solution to my PE.

Here’s what happened...

I arrived in Beijing two weeks before the fight so I could train in the local climate. Over the next few days, I hung out with some of the local gym rats.

I noticed all these Chinese dudes were drinking this weird-looking green drink. Finally, I asked one guy, Chen, what it was.

“Energy drink,” Chen said in broken English. “It give you strength. Want to try?”

“Energy drink? Like Red Bull?” I replied, waving him away. “Nah, I don’t drink that caffeinated stuff.”

“Not Red Bull,” Chen said. “Natural!” He offered it to me again.

“Natural, huh? Okay, I’ll give it a try.” I took a swig of the strange green drink, and almost gagged. “Ugh!” I said. “That’s terrible!”

Chen laughed at me. “Yes, terrible,” he said. “But make you good fighter.”

The night of the fight arrived. It was held in a small, smoky arena filled with men placing and taking bets, some sort of underground fight club.

I was facing a local champion I had never seen fight before. He didn’t look like anything special, and I figured I could knock him out in a few rounds.

But when the bell rang, I immediately realized I had underestimated him. This guy was tough, and fast!

He was slipping and ducking my punches, then connecting with combinations to my head and body that were taking the wind out of me.

Those first few rounds were a struggle. I got tired a lot quicker than I usually did. And every time this guy hit me, he would flash an annoying little grin.

He was getting in my head...and I was quickly losing my confidence.

After the third round, I was back in my corner getting treatment, when I noticed Chen near the ring, watching the fight.

What the hell, I thought to myself. I need to do something.

“Chen!” I yelled. He came over. “You got any more of that energy drink?”

He looked around, then told me to wait. He ran off into the locker room, and returned a minute later with a bottle, handing it to me.

I only had a few seconds before the next round, so I choked down that awful swill as fast as I could. The bell rang, and I came back out.

The next couple rounds weren’t much different from the previous ones. I managed to hold my own, but there was no question about it: I was getting beat.

But then, sitting in my corner before the 7th round, I noticed a subtle change come over me. I felt calmer, as my anxiety about losing seemed to drift away.

My trainer was yelling in my ear about what I should do, when suddenly I turned to him. “I got this,” I said, cutting him off. Then I stood up, before the bell even rang.

Back in the ring, the tide began turning my way. I landed a couple good body blows, then connected with my opponent’s face hard, snapping his head back.

He looked at me, stunned, like, “Where did that come from?”

Suddenly, I had a whole new swagger about me. I could literally feel my confidence welling up inside of me.

I took a step forward, easily ducking my opponent’s wild hook, and hit him with a vicious 3-punch combo, complete with an uppercut you could hear from the parking lot.

The crowd ROARED. Energy SURGED throughout my body.

I’m pretty sure I could have finished him off if I had another few seconds, but lucky for him, he was saved by the bell.

Back in my corner, my trainer was overjoyed. “Finish him off now, Johnny Boy!” I’m sure he thought it was his advice that had done the trick.

The fight lasted another two rounds. Every minute, I could feel the momentum shifting in my favor.

Something inside just made me KNOW I was going to win. And when I looked into my opponent’s eyes, I could see the fear and uneasiness I myself had known all my life.

It was as if I had stolen his confidence!

In the end, I opened up a cut so wide over his right eye, they had to call the fight. The poor bastard couldn’t see what he was punching anymore.

The crowd went into a frenzy when they announced me as the victor. I had just beaten their champion! But I knew I’d made quite a few fans of my own with my amazing comeback.

I found Chen in the crowd and thanked him. I didn’t know what that foul-tasting green drink was, and I didn’t care. All I knew was it had helped me win.

Little did I know that the fight would be my second greatest victory of the night...

The Moment That Changed EVERYTHING...

After the fight, a few guys from the gym and I went out to celebrate and experience the Beijing nightlife.

Word had already spread about my triumph, and before I knew it, I was talking to my very first groupies!

One of them was very attractive – a petite girl with punkie short hair and a pierced eyebrow. She spoke zero English, but somehow we had a great connection.

Before I knew it, she was holding my hand, and we were on our way back to my hotel.

We got to my room and started going at it. Within seconds, we were in my bed.

But the drinks were wearing off, and I felt that familiar nervousness creep into my mind. I thought about making up some sort of excuse, but it was too late to turn back now.

But as we began, something felt different.

I racked my brain, on guard for that terrible feeling, anticipating myself losing control too soon...

But it wasn’t there.

A minute went by...then two...

Amazingly, I remained in TOTAL control!

Again, my confidence surged...especially when I noticed how much my new friend was enjoying herself.

I relaxed, smiling to myself. For the first time in my life, I was actually ENJOYING sex!

I Had A Solution...But Where Did It Come From?

The next morning I awoke a new man.

I had lasted about seven or eight minutes the night before...which may not seem like much to most people, but for me it was a HUGE deal...

About seven or eight times longer than I usually lasted!

I skipped out of my hotel and back down to the gym, where I ran into Chen. After thanking him again, I asked him where I could get some more of his “energy drink.”

“Old Chinese remedy,” he said. “You buy at market.”

I begged him to take me, and he only agreed after I promised to buy him lunch. Hell, I figured, I owe him at least that much.

We hailed a cab and ended up at this amazing Chinese market that was in some sort of warehouse the size of three football fields.

Chen took me around to a bunch of little booths, where old ladies were selling all sorts of herbs and plants. I had no idea what they were, and I kicked myself later for not finding out.

Finally, after we had bought everything we needed, we went over to another booth with some rusty looking machinery.

Chen handed the ingredients we’d bought to the woman behind the counter, and they spoke to each other rapidly in Chinese.

The woman nodded, then went to work. She used her strange contraption to mix, pulverize and grind up the ingredients.

A few minutes later, she handed Chen a baggie filled with green powder. He thanked her and handed the bag to me.

“You owe me ten dollar,” he said. “And lunch!”

Let me tell you something – that was hands-down the best “ten dollar” I ever spent!

“Cracking The Code” To Amazing Stamina

Back home, I was eager to try out my new “secret weapon.” The thought of finding something to cure my PE sounded too good to be true. The only problem was...

I still didn’t know what the heck it was!

I didn’t want to use up my entire supply, because getting more could be a problem.

I’m also not usually the type of guy to put unknown substances into my body willy-nilly. I want to know exactly what I’m consuming and what it’s doing to me.

Luckily, a friend of mine from high school was a grad student at Georgetown. It seemed like a longshot, but I emailed him and asked if it was possible to figure out what was in this mysterious green powder.

He got back to me the next day. To my surprise, he said that was easy. He worked in labs doing that kind of stuff all the time, and said he could analyze a sample in a few days!

I sent him the powder. About a week later, my friend emailed me back an official looking analysis, like when you get blood test results back from the doctor.

In the analysis were the names of a bunch of substances I had never heard of before: Rhodiola Extract, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, Piperine…what was this stuff?!?

I thanked my buddy and got to work. I started doing hours and hours of research, Googling all these different ingredients, even going to a library (for the first time in years!) to bury my head in botany books.
It turned out all these ingredients were natural herbs, roots and plants.

They all came from the Far East, and there was some information about how they were “beneficial to health” when ingested...but beyond that, I couldn’t find anything remotely close to describing my experience with them!

And there certainly wasn’t anything that discussed the benefits these natural ingredients had when taken together.

Was it possible that...NOBODY knew about this?!?

I decided to take matters into my own hands.

My research told me these ingredients were native to Asia. So I reached out to my cousin who was working as a dive instructor in Thailand.

I sent him the list of ingredients and asked if it was possible to send them to me...individually.

A couple excruciating weeks later, I received a package in the mail. I tore it open to find some beige packets containing brown roots, green leaves with gold flowers, and yellow crystals.

I took a deep breath and went to work. For the next month or so, I locked myself inside my apartment and became the equivalent of a mad scientist.

I ground up the ingredients, mixing them in different proportions, trying to find the perfect balance.

Then, in between batches, I “tested” the various concoctions, mixing the powder into a bottle of water and drinking it down before getting intimate with a woman.

Each experience was a little different: sometimes I felt more confidence, sometimes less. Sometimes I finished sooner than I wanted to, and sometimes I was actually unable to finish at all – that was a new one!

It took several tries, and almost all of my supply, to be able strike the right balance of each ingredient. But eventually, by the end of that month...


It was around this time I started dating the woman who would become my long-term girlfriend. We had gone out a few times, but we hadn’t really been intimate yet.

Part of that was my fault...she was easily the prettiest girl I had ever taken out. I liked her a lot, so naturally I was super nervous about disappointing her.

But I had to try. This would definitely be a true test of my secret weapon.

After our fifth date – dinner and a movie – we went back to my place. Before long we were in my bed, and the moment of truth was upon me. And the god’s honest truth is...

It was better than ever!!!

No fear. No hesitation. And most importantly...

NO P.E.!!!

I had my way with this beautiful woman for well over 20 minutes. Finally, she was begging me to finish...which I did...

EXACTLY when I was ready!

I Knew I Was On To Something BIG

From that night on, my sex life – heck, my whole life – changed forever.

My new girlfriend couldn’t keep her hands off me, and I couldn’t have been happier. I had never felt this confident and carefree before.

I was in my first real relationship, with a girl most guys could only dream of getting. More importantly, I was keeping her satisfied. Within just three weeks, I was lasting 30-45 minutes at a time!

For the first time in my life, I was enjoying sex instead of fearing it.

And let me tell you...these new skills began to make my life very interesting...

You see, most guys only last between 5-10 minutes in bed. That’s almost NEVER long enough to satisfy a woman.

The most important factor for a woman is time. Time to get comfortable, time to get into the experience, and time to reach that special place of ecstasy.

So if you can last 15 minutes or more...that’s a game changer!

I remember the first time a woman told me I was the best she’d ever had...that was the best feeling I’d ever had!

I felt like calling all those girls who had dumped me to tell them what they were missing!

And Then, Something Really Amazing Happened...

My relationship ended after almost a year. But after that, I found myself meeting more women than ever. I had this aura of confidence women just picked up on.

For the first time in my life, women were coming up to ME and starting conversations! It was as if they could sense I was the one guy in the room who could rock their world...

And they were right!

I asked a few girls about this after we’d hooked up, and they confirmed my suspicions:

When you are a stallion in the bedroom, women can ABSOLUTELY sense it.

Ask any girl you know!

They themselves don’t entirely know why this is true. Every one of those women said it had something to do with “my energy.”

But one thing is for sure – whatever vibe I was putting out there, they were picking up on it. And more than anything else, that’s what made them attracted to me.

But then, something REALLY incredible began happening.

I’m sure you already know that women LOVE to talk. A LOT.

As soon as a girl sleeps with a guy, she runs off to her girlfriends and immediately gives them the rundown, telling them how good – or bad – it was.

So if you’re bad in bed, like I used to be, don’t think for a second it’s a secret between you two.

At a minimum, all her girlfriends will know. What’s more likely is her friends will tell their friends, and it’s one big game of “telephone” from there.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is exactly what was happening to me back in the day. I had a reputation for being a bad lover.

It was a big reason why I had a hard time getting girls to even go out with me.

On the other hand, if you’re GREAT in bed...your reputation is going to be exactly the opposite.

So as soon as I started achieving “Superman Stamina,” that’s exactly what happened to me...

The game of telephone started working in my favor.

Because so many guys are BAD in bed – in fact, ask any girl and she’ll tell you most guys are clueless! – when girls hear about a guy who’s amazing, they want to find out for themselves!

Another highlight for me was the first time a friend of a woman I was sleeping with approached me at a party and told me she heard I was “quite the stud.”

Let’s just say I didn’t go home alone that night. And this has happened to me countless times more!

Trust me, gentlemen – having last-all-night stamina is the gift that keeps on giving!

I Decided To Share My Secret With A Friend...

It wasn’t long before my friends started to wonder what I was doing to get all these beautiful women in my rotation.

My single friends kept pestering me, but I didn’t want to tell them about my secret weapon. There were just too many of them – I would run out before I knew it!

Plus, I didn’t really want them to get to my level – because then I wouldn’t be in such high demand anymore!

(I know, I’m a bad friend. Sue me.)

But when my best friend Nolan came to me, desperate for help, I couldn’t say no.

Nolan wasn’t single. In fact, he was stuck in a rut with his girlfriend, and he was completely miserable.

I couldn’t stand seeing him like that. So I gave him a healthy dose of my herbal concoction.

Besides...I was curious to see if this stuff would work for someone else the same way it did for me.

“Dude, You Are Not Gonna BELIEVE This!!!”

Those were the first words out of Nolan’s mouth when I answered a phone call from him a couple weeks later.

A little background on Nolan – he and his girl Vicki had been together three years, and their sex life was on life support – in fact, they barely even did it anymore.

If Nolan even wanted to have sex with Vicki at all, he had to take her out to a nice restaurant, or buy her a gift or something. And even then, he said it felt more like she was doing him a favor than actually enjoying it.

Because of that, they both usually just wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. So Nolan had conditioned himself to finish after a couple minutes...which wasn’t exactly making Vicki’s toes curl.

Anyway, Nolan started telling me about his night. It was one of the rare occasions he was guaranteed to get lucky...

Valentine’s Day.

After dinner at a fancy seafood joint, they came home. While Vicki changed, Nolan slipped into the kitchen to mix the powder I’d generously given him into some water. He downed it, then went back to the bedroom.

From what Nolan described to me, this time it was anything but routine! He told me he lasted about a half hour!

But the best part was, after they had finished, while Vicki was catching her breath, she shocked him with some incredible news...

That was the first time she had ever been satisfied!

Can you believe it? At 26 years old, Vicki had actually never climaxed before! Not with Nolan, not with any other guy...not even by herself!

She had actually gotten to the point where she didn’t think she was even physically capable of climaxing, and had pretty much given up...

Much the way I had almost given up on being able to conquer my PE and satisfy a woman.

This revelation was news to Nolan, as he thought she had climaxed on at least a few occasions in the past. But she confessed she had FAKED it every time!

It turned out Vicki was capable of experiencing that elusive endorphin rush in her’s just that no guy had ever lasted long enough to make it happen!

From that night on, everything changed for them.

Nolan would tell me in the coming weeks that after that Valentine’s Day, Vicki became a completely different girl.

She was always in a great mood, happy to do whatever he wanted to do. But the really amazing thing was...

She Was Constantly BEGGING Him For Sex!

Yes, you read that right. Now that Nolan was capable of lasting long enough to give Vicki what she needed...she wanted to have sex with him all the time!

No more springing for fancy dinners or expensive gifts when Nolan wanted some loving. That one night totally changed their sex life.

Heck, it may have even saved their whole relationship!

That was a few years back. They recently got married...and are still the happiest couple I know!

An UNFAIR Advantage Over All Other Men!

After witnessing what happened with Nolan and Vicki, and of course seeing the changes in my own life as a result of my improved stamina...I realized I possessed a HUGE advantage over other men.

When you can master your control and last as long as you want in bed, you can do a lot of things most guys can’t.

For example, I found I was able to:

  • Have sex multiple times a night (Women LOVE a guy who can go more than once!)

  • Achieve the positions that stimulate women the most

  • Increase my speed and intensity without worrying about PE

    In addition, I also discovered...
  • Women picked up on my confidence, and began approaching me

  • They told their friends how great a lover I was, and I got a reputation as a stud around town

  • Women wanted to be with me just to see how good I was – no strings attached!

  • Women often became sexually addicted to me, so I had a heavy rotation of girls who purely wanted sex, whenever it was convenient for me!

And, most importantly...

  • I lasted long enough to satisfy ANY woman...usually multiple times!

(You’d be surprised to learn, as I was, how many guys NEVER give girls what they need in bed. And sadly, these men never find out, because most women are too nice to hurt their feelings – so they just fake it! What a shame...)

These are just a few of the reasons why increasing your stamina gives you a HUGE edge over other guys.

In fact, the advantage for me was so big...

I Used This Secret To Become One Of The Biggest Adult Film Stars In The World!!!

Around this time, I was at a crossroads. I knew boxing wasn’t going to be a career, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

Funny enough, it was a friend’s joke that led me to my destiny.

We were out at a bar, hitting on girls, when he said, “Dude, you get laid so much, you should get paid for it!”

I laughed it off at the time, but for some reason, this stuck with me over the next few weeks.

They say you should do what you love...and I couldn’t think of anything I loved more than having sex!

I already knew I was good at it. Why not give it a shot, I figured. What did I have to lose?

I packed a suitcase and drove cross-country to Los Angeles. My goal was to break into the world of adult film.

It wasn’t easy at first. Even with amazing stamina, it’s tough for a guy to succeed. I’d be lying if I didn’t mention I got some lucky breaks, including meeting one of the biggest directors in the biz at a party.

He was nice enough to give me an audition, and from there I was off and running. My ability to last over an hour led to more and more work, until I gained a reputation as a reliable, “hard” worker J

I’ve now appeared in dozens of films, made love to some of the most beautiful women in the world, and earned more money than I could have ever dreamed of.

What I’ve accomplished seemed like an impossible fantasy to that shy kid in Baltimore who suffered from debilitating PE.

But I’m here today to tell you that overcoming PE is absolutely possible...

And it was all thanks to that strange herbal remedy I discovered all those years ago in China!

Why I’m Finally Breaking My Silence Now

I’m sure some of my colleagues in the industry will be upset that I’m revealing this secret to the public. But I look at it a different way.

I’m extremely grateful for where I am today. And I truly believe it’s good karma to give something back.

I recently received an e-mail from a young guy in Kansas who was suffering from the same PE problem I had.

This kid’s story took me back to when I was his age – a time I try not to think about too often.

It occurred to me that if someone had helped me then and saved me from the years of suffering I had gone through, I would have been eternally grateful.

Now I was in a position to potentially help hundreds – maybe even thousands – of other guys who were experiencing this same pain.

If I didn’t do something, 99% of them would NEVER discover this secret on their own...and probably NEVER have the love life they deserved.

That’s when I decided to break my silence...and share my secret formula with the world!

Finally, A CURE For PE!!!

It’s no secret that PE is a widespread problem. Most men experience it at some point in their lives, and an estimated 30% of men deal with it on a consistent basis, as I did.

PE affects not only the men who suffer from it, but the women in their lives who don’t get the satisfaction they desperately need.

For 99% of these guys, PE is not a physical problem. In other words, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them.

PE is a mental issue, and it has everything to do with anxiety and confidence.

Unfortunately, most men will never get to the point where they can consistently satisfy a woman, because the common “solutions” out there simply don’t work.

(I know, because I tried them all.)

Let’s look at some of the options currently being promoted for curing PE.

Numbing Creams

Numbing creams have been around forever, and they’re the oldest scam in the book.

Here’s why: instead of making you better in the bedroom, numbing cream actually makes sex worse.

The numbness may make you last a bit longer. But it also KILLS any sensation...for both you and your partner! Which means there’s NO CHANCE she will climax.

Neither of you will experience any pleasure. What’s the point of that?

Prescription Pills

Expensive pharmaceuticals – like that famous “little blue pill” – may be able to help you achieve readiness for sex. But they do nothing to improve your stamina.

Most guys with PE have no problem achieving an erection. It’s control that’s the problem. And there’s no drug on the market that addresses this issue.

What’s more, whenever you put synthetic chemicals into your body, you run the risk of encountering dangerous side effects.

My remedy is all-natural, using only pure ingredients harvested from natural sources, with virtually no risk of side effects whatsoever.

Distracting Yourself

We’ve all heard the advice to “distract yourself” during sex by thinking about baseball, or something else non-sexual.

Even if this strategy worked (which you’ve probably discovered for yourself it doesn’t!)...who wants to picture their grandma during sex???

Sex should be an enjoyable experience...not something you have to suffer through.

But the real problem with all these “solutions” is they don’t address the root cause of PE – which is in your mind – not your body.

That’s why none of them are as effective as the secret formula I discovered.

So if you’re serious about lasting 30-45 minutes every single time you make love...

And truly satisfying the woman in your life...

Then I have some fantastic news for you.

Introducing MEGA Endurance – Eliminate PE...Guaranteed!

I’ve enjoyed unbelievable success and enjoyment, both personally and professionally. I’ve had experiences in and outside the bedroom that have surpassed my wildest fantasies.

And it’s all thanks to this amazing solution!

There are a select few times in life when you can pinpoint a seismic shift in your destiny. For me, that night in Beijing was one of them.

And now that I’ve lived out my dreams...I want to help you achieve yours.

That’s why I’m proud to announce I’ve teamed up with an amazing lab that specializes in all-natural solutions to bring you...

MEGA Endurance!!!

MEGA Endurance is an herbal supplement derived from my own personal blend of all-natural ingredients I’ve been using for years.

No tracking down obscure roots, no expensive overseas shipping costs, no messy mixtures, and no awful taste!

MEGA Endurance is an easy to swallow capsule designed to increase your stamina right away!

The Ingredients In MEGA Endurance...And How They Work

MEGA Endurance is made from all-natural herbal ingredients extracted from roots and plants native to the Far East.

Here’s a quick rundown of what they’re called and what they do:


The cornerstone of the formula for MEGA Endurance, Dong Quai is one of the most mysterious herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine.

It has been used for centuries specifically to help men overcome problems with premature ejaculation. Its ancient power is vastly misunderstood, but modern medicine can attribute its affect to antioxidant activity.

Dong Quai is also used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat fatigue and to maximize energy and staying power — just ask that boxer I KO’d in Beijing!


A flowering plant that is used as a natural mood elevator, Hypericum perforatum is well known for it’s calming powers.

This is essential for sexual control, as anxiety is the root cause of PE. If you can’t relax during sex, you’re not going to be able to enjoy yourself. And you’re definitely not going to be able to achieve optimal stamina!


Korean Ginseng strengthens the immune system and is a natural stress reducer. According to a 2002 Korean study, 60% of men with erectile dysfunction who took Korean Ginseng noticed improvement. I definitely found a healthy dose of this plant extract to be crucial to the potency of my formula.


On its own, Cinnamon Bark has very little effect. However, when combined with these other ingredients, a certain mysterious quality is unlocked that studies have shown induces a positive effect on PE.

Striking the proper balance of this ingredient was the key to my formula...and the biggest reason MEGA Endurance is so effective!


This naturally occurring compound is critical to my formula because it is essential for achieving healthy erections.

L-Arginine allows your blood vessels to expand, increasing blood flow to the penis and improving the strength of your erection.

Because your stamina will be increasing, you need to make sure you’re maintaining healthy blood flow to the penis, to ensure your ability to sustain sexual activity for up to 30-45 minutes.

Now, all of these all-natural ingredients have been used in Eastern medicine for a long time. Their healing powers on their own have been well-known in alternative medicine for centuries.

But here’s the thing...

No one has ever combined them before.

Not like I have. Not like this.

Because while these ingredients are all great on their’s only when they interact with each other in your system – in the precise doses I’ve discovered – that they unlock the secret of incredible sexual stamina!

To obtain the proper dosage of all these ingredients, all you have to do is take 4 pills with water about 20 minutes before sexual activity.

That’s it! You don’t have to take them for days or weeks beforehand to “program your system” – just pop 4 pills and you’re ready for action in 20 minutes!

And best of all...they’re ALL-NATURAL. You don’t need a prescription. They’re not expensive, like drugs. And there are NO CHEMICALS to pollute your system or cause a dependency.

With MEGA Endurance, there’s absolutely NO RISK of addiction...except to great sex, that is!

The Deal Of A Lifetime

Originally, I had planned to price MEGA Endurance at $149.99, as this product is easily worth 10 times that to the guy who cures his PE forever.

I mean, you can’t put a price on your happiness, right?

But then I thought about it...and I just didn’t feel it was right to keep this from the guys who might need it the most, but don’t have an extra 150 bucks laying around.

After all, I’m no elitist. I’m a man of the people!

So I decided to give you my secret...for just $49.95!!!

That’s 60 pills – enough for up to 15 sessions of mind-blowing sex – for only $49.95. You can’t even take a girl to the movies for that price anymore!

I still believe MEGA Endurance would be a bargain at $149.99, but at $49.95, it’s more than affordable – it’s a steal! That’s almost $100 off my original price – a savings of over 75%!

For A Limited Time...Try MEGA Endurance RISK-FREE For 90 Days!

I want you to last as long as you want every time, because stamina is one of the foundations of great sex.

If you can’t last long enough to make a girl climax, she simply isn’t going to stick around...and if she does, she’ll always be looking for another guy – one who can give her what she needs.

With that said, I want to make it as easy and risk-free for you to get your love life under control. Which is why I’ve created...

My “Last 15 Minutes Or It’s Free” Guarantee!

Since I first began sharing my secrets privately several years ago, dozens of my friends and colleagues have used my MEGA Endurance formula to eliminate their PE and last longer in bed.

Just listen to some of the emails I’ve gotten in the past few months alone...

“John – this stuff is incredible! I’ve used up about half a bottle, and I’ve already gone from about 5-6 minutes to well over 20. You rock, brother! My lady and I have never been happier!”

- Jason C., Vancouver, British Columbia

“Can’t thank you enough, Mr. Lawrence. I downright hated having sex before. In fact, most of the time I tried to avoid it. Now it’s my favorite thing to do! I see what all the fuss is about!”

- Darrel N., Las Vegas, NV

“I never really thought I had a problem in bed before, but I figured since you talked it up, I’d give it a shot. Man, you opened my eyes! I didn’t realize how lousy a lover I was until now, because the reaction I’m getting from girls is a complete 180. And you were right – girls DO talk, because I’m getting more action now – at 43 – than I ever have in my life! Thank you!!!”

- Peter F., Plano, TX

Now, I’m not going to promise you you’re going to last 45 minutes the very first time you use MEGA Endurance.

In fact, I’ll tell you right now you will NOT. (I wish it was that easy!)

Don’t get me wrong: Everyone I’ve spoken to has reported lasting longer the first time they used MEGA Endurance.

But this isn’t a “magic bullet.” It doesn’t do the work FOR you. Stamina requires practice – you need to build it up, just like you build muscle over time by lifting weights.

What MEGA Endurance does is give you the tools necessary to build up that stamina!

After just a few times using MEGA Endurance, not only will you be capable of lasting 30-45’ll get used to it.

Lasting long enough to satisfy a woman becomes programmed into a man’s brain, until it’s just a natural part of his sex life!

But since I know you might be a little skeptical – and heck, I don’t blame you – I want to make you this guarantee:

If after your third experience using MEGA Endurance you don’t last at least 15 minutes, just send it right back and I’ll refund every cent of your money instantly, with no questions asked and no hassles.

I’m that confident in my ability to help you eliminate your PE for good...and I want to prove it to you!

Your Privacy Is My #1 Priority!

When you click on the order button, you’ll be taken to a secure order page for your credit card information (you can also order by phone if you choose).

Your transaction is totally secure – using our private server, your information is protected by the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. The transition will be discreetly billed to your card as “ISN Education,” with our toll-free U.S. phone number included.

The entire process takes just a few minutes, and once complete, your order will ship out the very same day. Allow 1-5 business days for it to arrive. Our discreet packaging will also simply say “ISN Education,” so no one – not even your mailman – will know what’s inside.

Try MEGA Endurance at MY RISK For 90 Days!

This is possibly the most important investment you’ll ever make in your love life...and I want to make the decision very easy for you!

I want to make sure you try out this revolutionary new formula...because I know once you see just how EASY it is to last as long as YOU’re going to be ecstatic you did!

When you click on the link below, you’ll be taken to a secure order page where you can order MEGA Endurance right now.

It will be shipped out to you immediately. Take 90 full days to try it out...

If, after your 3rd session, you’re not lasting longer in bed than you ever have before...simply send us an email for a FULL REFUND, no questions asked and no hassles.

I truly want to help you have the types of experiences other men only dream about. I get letters and emails every day from guys who are using this formula to have the most mind-blowing sex of their entire lives...

And I want you to do the same!

Click the link below to try out MEGA Endurance RISK-FREE for 90 days!

I had to figure out for myself how to overcome PE – the hard way.

But fortunately, now you can benefit from my years of research into this subject, and eliminate your PE...starting TONIGHT!

With MEGA Endurance, you’ll discover exactly how to master control of your manhood, and start giving girls the most intense sex of their lives.

It’s actually a lot easier than you think!

Fixing This One Problem Will Change Your Entire Life!

I can’t tell you happy I was when I realized I would never be haunted by PE again.

No more embarrassing situations, no more nervousness in the bedroom, and no more worrying about being inferior to her past lovers. more trying to get out of sex! No more excuses about condoms, drinking too much, or the mood not being right.

But the best part about curing my PE was that once it was behind me, all sorts of AMAZING things began to happen in my life...and you’ll notice the same.

You WILL begin:

  • Giving women the satisfaction their brains NEED to be attracted to you

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  • Having more sex than you ever thought possible

  • Having women approach YOU for sex

  • Seeing vast improvements in your existing relationship (when you consistently satisfy a woman in the bedroom, she becomes MUCH more easy-going, and willing to do whatever you want!)

  • KNOWING you have what it takes to provide women the satisfaction they crave...multiple times!

    Imagine how awesome it will be to last as long as YOU want, every time! You’ll have 100% confidence, because you’ll know you’re in complete control.

    Imagine how good it will feel to watch your girl lose control as you pleasure her the way she deserves.

    When you have MEGA Endurance, you better clear your schedule – because a lot more of your time is going to be spent in the bedroom...guaranteed!

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    John Lawrence
    Adult Film Star
    Former Sufferer of PE

    P.S. With MEGA Endurance, you will receive the closely guarded secret I’ve used for years to last and last and last...and now YOU can do the same.

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    I’m that confident this one-of-a-kind formula will eliminate your PE forever, and I want to prove it to you!

    P.P.S. If you have any questions, just send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll write you back ASAP!

    P.P.P.S. Warning: This product is of a sexual nature and is for adults only. Must be 18 years or older to order.

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